Would you ever consider tightening screws with a hammer, using a drill to saw wood, playing tennis with a guitar, or eating soup with a fork? I didn’t think so. So why ask your secretary to do your translations and the intern to revise them?

Because there’s nothing to translation, your secretary has good language skills and the intern has to start somewhere. But have you ever asked yourself how many typos your customers are willing to accept, or if they’ll recommend your product if they find the user guide hard to understand? Is it really worth using the secretary and the intern if they can’t convey your message properly?

Seriously. Your company consists of different departments with different skills, in which people with specific aptitudes perform specific tasks, right? So why not call upon the skills of a trained professional to translate your company’s documents? Think about it. Your company invests a lot in the development and marketing of its products, so why save on the translation of software, user guides, press releases or ads? Do you really think your customers won’t notice the difference between a document written by a professional and a layman? Or are your products so intuitive and user friendly that no one will read the user manual anyway, making a good translation superfluous? If that’s the case, you should definitely save on me …

But if your customers are demanding, your products high quality and you appreciate reading a well-written document, you’ve come to the right place.